Lifestyle Photography and Video Production


BTS - Charles Krug Winery for Gamma Nine - with the talented Marc Fiorito

Winery Production Shoots


BTS - Stories by the Glass for Erik Almas

Commercial & Advertising Video Production for all Budgets


BTS - Form & Fiction - Interactive TV

Narrative Film Productions


“I believe that we built a world that was free, that had opportunities and choices for everyone. I was able to be myself, be unique... my body was my own. I had finally earned my voice through generations of those that spoke out against indifference and repression.

I felt safe because of my ancestors strength and our collective growth.” Filiz Rezvan

BTS - For awarding winning short film Rebel in Rising - staring Francesca Eastwood

Event Shooting


BTS - Follow the Ham

Advertising - Location & Green Screen Studio Shooting


BTS - Steel Blue


Photography and Video Production provided.

With a little fun thrown in!

BTS - Suit in the City

Documentary Production & Post-Production


Water is Life

Standing Rock 2016

BTS - On the way to Standing Rock for the making of Lakota - State of Mind

BTS - Standing Rock - North Dakota

Standing Rock - ZEDA films

“The corporate world is greedy…

How much money is enough money? You can’t drink money. The water belongs to the future generations.” Robert White Mountain - Standing Rock Camp


Props and Set Builds

Some set and prop builds made by talented Roman Prukin at ZEDA films.

Shorts Production & Editing

BTS - A bloke called Joe

Roman Prukin_ZEDAfilms.jpeg

Full Production

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